Bravo Tactical Skull Steel Mesh Airsoft Face Mask - Black


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Bravo Tactical Skull Steel Mesh Airsoft Face Mask - Black

Bravo Tactical Skull Steel Mesh Airsoft Face Mask

Intimidate your opponents with this new face mask from Bravo. The mask is made of high strength ABS plastic making the mask light and flexible, while offering significant protection to your face. It also features steel mesh lenses to protect your eyes and reduce fogging. The mask uses an adjustable adjustable dual head strap system. The head straps are quick release, allowing you to put on and take off the mask very simple. The mask also has interior padding making it very comfortable to wear.


- High strength, lightweight ABS plastic and steel mesh construction

- Provides excellent face and eye protection from BBs

- Mesh lens allows for ventilation and eliminates fogging

- Adjustable dual head strap system

- Head straps are quick release for ease of use

- Padded interior makes the mask very comfortable to wear

- Flexible, low profile design does not hinder cheek weld

- Intimidation factor

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