DBOYS M4 Assault Rifle AEG with M203 Grenade Launcher

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DBOYS M4 Assault Rifle AEG with M203 Grenade Launcher

DBOYS M4 Assault Rifle AEG with M203 Grenade Launcher

This Dboys M4 AEG comes with everything an entry level airsoft player needs to get started on the field. The M4 itself can be used as a primary with the included M203 grenade launcher as a secondary. It features both full auto and semi auto capabilities, making it good for engaging multiple targets at different distances. The M203 isn’t your standard grenade launcher, it acts more like a spring powered shotgun. Cocking the M203 loads one bb at a time. This can be a lot more economical as you don’t use as many BBs in contrast to expensive shower grenade shells. The gun features many accessories including a rail system, two different stocks, a battery box, tactical sling and a vertical grip. The package also includes two magazines – a 50 round mid-cap and a 280 round hi-cap, ideal for longer skirmishes.


  • 1:1 Real Full Scale

  • Semi and Fully Automatic Fire

  • Heavy Duty Plastic Body

  • Plastic Version 2 Gearbox

  • Adjustable Hop-Up System

  • Spring Powered M203 Grenade Launcher

  • Modular System with Induced Accessories

  • FPS 300 (.20g)

Package Includes:

  • Dboys M4 AEG

  • Spring Powered M203 Grenade Launcher

  • Vertical Grip

  • 1x50 Round Mid-cap Magazine

  • 1x280 Round Hi-cap Magazine

  • 6 Position Adjustable LE Stock

  • 6 Position Adjustable Crane Stock

  • Picatinny Rail System

  • Battery Box

  • Tactical Sling

  • Rechargeable Battery and Wall Charger

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