Elite Force Rebuild Kit for H&K MP7A1 GBB Airsoft Rifle SMG PDW by KWA

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Bring new life to your MP7A1 with the Elite Force Rebuild Kit for the H&K MP7A1 by KWA.  Features OEM parts to replace worn out internals to bring your GBB up to like new performance.


    • OEM replacement parts for the HK MP7 by KWA (SKU: 2279020)
    • Replace broken or missing parts
    • Compatible with HK MP7 GBB Airsoft SMG by KWA
    • Rebuild kit is ideal for restoring older airsoft guns into like new condition
    • Great to have on hand during longer airsoft events

    Package Includes:

      • MP7A1 Nozzle
      • MP7A1 Main Seal
      • MP7A1 Hop Up Bucking
      • Flute Valve
      • Flute Valve Return Spring
      • Flute Valve Locking Pin
      • 2x MP7A1 Nozzle Return Springs

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