Emerson Gen2 Combat Shirt by Lancer Tactical

SKU: CA-790XS1

Color: Jungle-Digital
Size: XS
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The Lancer Tactical Gen2 Combat Shirt is a perfect blend of high durability and excellent comfort. The sleeves have shoulder pockets for storing miscellaneous gear and accessories, as well as loop fields for tactical / morale patches. The body of the combat shirt is made of a nylon / cotton blend that aids in breathability and moisture wicking, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable in even the hottest of situations. It also features a zip-up high collar that protects the neck for abrasion and BB impacts. The elbows are reinforced and sport pockets for padded inserts (included).


  • Model: Gen2 Combat Shirt
  • Material: 65/35 polyester cotton ripstop material construction
  • Extremely durable, breathable and comfortable
  • Ripstop sleeves and zip-up collar
  • Nylon cotton blend body wicks moisture
  • Reinforced elbows with pockets for inserts (included)
  • High zip collar
  • Adjustable wrist cuffs
  • Shoulder pockets with hook & loop fields and closures

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