Enola Gaye WP40 Wire Pull Airsoft Smoke Grenade


Color: Black
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**UPDATE** As of July 1, 2021 - we can no longer ship Enola Gaye smoke / pyrotechnic grenades until Airsoft N More gets DOT HAZMAT certification.  Until this certification is met, Enola Gaye grenades will ONLY be available for in-store purchase / pick up.**


  • Type: WP40 Wire Pull Smoke Grenade
  • Dimensions: 38mm diameter x 130mm high
  • Weight: 40g
  • Duration: Approximately 60-100 seconds*
  • Cold burning grenade reduces risk of fire**
  • Realistic wire pull ignition system
  • Produces a thick cloud of smoke to obscure movement or block lines of sight
  • Colored smoke is ideal for marking areas as points of interest
  • Perfect for Milsim Operations, Skirmishes, Film & TV production and Military, Law Enforcement or EMS Training
* The smoke's duration will be dependent on factors like temperature, wind, humidity and grenade placement

** While cold burning does reduce the possibility of a fire, there is still a chance it can happen. Check with local sites if they are pyrotechnic / cold burning grenades are permitted.

Disclaimer for Smoke Grenades:

**As of July 1, 2021 we are unable to ship Enola Gaye products.  Enola Gaye products will be available ONLY for in-store / store pick-up at Airsoft N More.**

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