FIREPOWER Elite Tactical Leg Pistol Holster Left Handed

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Color: ACU Digital Camouflage
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FIREPOWER Elite Tactical Leg Pistol Holster Left Handed ACU Digital Camouflage

FIREPOWER Elite Tactical Leg Pistol Holster

Tactical holsters are ideal for players who run pistols as their secondary. They safely and securely retain your pistol and allows you to readily draw it when the need arises. The Firepower Elite Tactical Leg Holster places the pistol and holster on your thigh and in the general area where your hand will naturally stay at. This makes leg holsters more comfortable to draw from as you are not bending your arm uncomfortably to reach your pistol.

The holster is secured to the wearer's leg via an adjustable leg strap. Your sidearm is secured via a buckle system that connects over it. There is also a pouch on it that can be used to hold an extra pistol magazine or small tools. This holster is able to hold most currently avalible, stand sized pistols


- Drop leg design keeps pistol away from your gear

- Adjustable leg strap secures pistol to your thigh

- Buckle design securly holds your pistol in place

- Features single pouch to hold an extra magazine or small tool

- Can fit most pistols


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