FN Herstal SCAR-L Belgium Assault Rifle GBB Gas Blowback Airsoft Gun

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FN Herstal SCAR-L Belgium Assault Rifle GBB Gas Blowback Airsoft Gun

WE FN Herstal SCAR-L Assault Rifle

In 2007, the Army held a competition between the M4 Carbine, FN SCAR (Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle) and the Heckler and Koch HK416 and XM8. At the end of the competition, the FN SCAR earned second place, just after the XM8, in terms of reliability in “extreme dust” conditions. While this competition was not meant to find a replacement for the ubiquitous M4 Carbine, this did not stop the SCAR from seeing service in Afghanistan. Between 2009 and 2010, a battalion of the 75th Ranger Regiment was deployed into the country armed with the SCAR-L, and its larger caliber counterpart the SCAR-H. The SCAR-L also saw action in Afghanistan in the hands of some SEAL teams who were looking for something that was more versatile during their operations.

The WE-Tech SCAR-L is one of the most realistic replica of the SCAR series of rifles in fit and function. It features ambidextrous fire selector, magazine release, and a charging handle that can be swapped to either side of the receiver, this gas blow back rifle is very user friendly for lefties. In addition to the ambidextrous controls, the SCAR features a very unique stock. The stock can be extended to six positions of length, the check rest can be adjusted to two heights and the stock can be folded and locked to the right side of the gun – making it useful for CQB games or storage purposes.

Using nylon reinforced fiber parts (the lower receiver and stock) in conjunction with metal components (upper receiver, rails, cycling bolt, internals), the overall weight of the gun is significantly less than that of a regular M4A1. Making it light weight and maneuverable while out in the field.

Since the SCAR is a gas blow back rifle – or GBBR –you will feel the recoil with each shot you take as the bolt cycles back and forth. With their new “open bolt” system, WE’s GBBR becomes more user friendly and adds to the realism. In the previous generation of WE-Tech’s GBBRs, there was a brass cylinder that was used to channel the flow of propellant with each shot. While it helped in maintaining some gas efficiency, adjusting the hop-up and checking for miss-feeds or malfunctions was a difficult or tedious task and it also did not look very realistic. With WE’s new open bolt system, many of the aforementioned issues are resolved while retaining its gas efficiency.

Realism is the main draw for the WE’s SCAR-L. With a nice and crisp recoil, realistic functions, realistic disassembly and a 32 round magazine this GBBR is meant for airsofters who are looking for a challenge or want an unique experience. With 32 rounds, recoil and the very possibility of being out gunned by players with AEGs – you HAVE to make every shot count. And with every player you hit, you gain the satisfaction that you were able to take someone out using your skill and tactics, rather than spraying and praying to hit your opposition.


-2nd Generation

-Gas Blowback

-Open Bolt Design

-Latest generation of WE Gas Blowback Technology featuring their "Open Bolt" design.

-More gas efficent with higher velocity

-Optimized for CO2 usage

-Less prone to malfunctions due to cold magazines


-Length: 28.23” & 20.55" Folded

-Height: 10.24”

-Inner barrel length: 250mm

-Inner barrel diameter: 6.05mm

-Weight: 6.83 lbs

-Velocity: 380-400 FPS with .20g BB

-Magazine capacity: 32 rounds

Package Includes:

-WE FN Herstal SCAR-L

-1x 32rd gas magazine

-WE operator’s manual

-30 day limited manufacturer’s warranty


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