G&G ETU 2.0 & MOSFET 4.0 Trigger System for Version 2 AEG Gearboxes

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Model: Rear Wired / Regular Trigger
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Increase your gun's trigger response, rate of fire and battery efficiency with the updated G&G Electronic Trigger Unit 2.0 & MOSFET 4.0 Unit.  This drop-in trigger unit is designed to greatly improve your trigger response and prevent trigger contact burnout.  The MOSFET helps boost battery efficiency and is features an automatic shut off when your battery has low voltage.  The MOSFET has a programmable burst fire mode that allows you to change your full auto setting into a 3-round burst mode.


    • Drop-in replacement trigger system and MOSFET unit
    • Compatible with rear wired Version 2 gearboxes
    • Increases rate of fire and battery efficiency
    • Low battery cut-off protects batteries from fully draining / burning out
    • Micro-switch electronic trigger allows for a faster, more responsive trigger
    • Built-in shot sensor to detect complete gear cycle
    • Replaceable inline blade-type fuse
    • Programmable 3-round burst fire function
    • Available with two (2) different trigger options

    Package Includes:

      • G&G Electronic Trigger Unit 2.0
      • G&G Programmable MOSFET 4.0
      • G&G Standard or Straight Trigger
      • G&G CM16 wiring harness w/ inline fuse
      • G&G Selector Plate

      **NOTE** We recommend any tech worked to be performed by a professional airsoft technician.

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