G&G ETU Electronic Trigger & MOSFET Unit for Version 3 AEG Gearboxes

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Model: Front Wired
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    • Drop-in replacement trigger unit and MOSFET unit
    • Compatible with front wired Version 3 gearboxes
    • Increases rate of fire and battery efficiency
    • Low battery cut-off protects batteries from fully draining / burning out
    • Micro-switch electronic trigger allows for a faster, more responsive trigger
    • Built-in shot sensor to detect complete gear cycle
    • Programmable 3 or 5-round burst fire function
    • Recommend having installation performed by a professional airsoft technician

    Package Includes:

      • G&G Electronic Trigger Unit
      • G&G Programmable MOSFET
      • Ver. 3 Cut Off Lever
      • Ver. 3 Tappet Plate
      • Ver. 3 Trigger
      • Wiring harnesses

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