G&G Femme Fatale SS-100 Airsoft Gun Mock Suppressor 14mm CCW - Pink

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Accessorize your airsoft gun with the G&G Femme Fatale SS-100 Suppressor. This unique little addition can help protect longer inner barrels and give any rifle extra "tacti-cool" flair. Made out of high strength aluminum, this mock suppressor is very durable and light weight. Its combat design adds just enough to make any good look great with out being too much. Ideal for G&G's Femme Fatale line of M4s.


  • High strength, lightweight aluminum construction
  • 14mm CCW threading
  • Diameter: 30mm / 1.18"
  • Length: 90mm / 3.74"
  • Metallic pink finish
  • Compact suppressor design
  • Prefect for G&G Femme Fatale M4s

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