G&G Rechargable 14mm CCW Tracer Unit for Airsoft Rifles

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The G&G Rechargeable Tracer Unit is an excellent addition for any airsofter looking for a more unique experience when skirmishing. Made out of high strength aluminum this barrel extension is extremely light and durable. The G&G Tracer Unit features a small LED strobe light that will flash every time a BB is fired through it. When the light flashes on a glow in the dark BB, this will make the BB glow allowing airsoft operators to track their shots in low-light / night games. This tracer unit is really simple to use. Charge it up by simply plugging it in, with the included charger, mount it on to any airsoft gun with 14mm counter-clockwise threading and turn it on.


  • High strength aluminum construction
  • Length: 7.08" / 180mm
  • Diameter: 1.57" / 40mm
  • Threading: 14mm Counter-Clockwise
  • Battery: 3.4v 2200mAh LiPo
  • Solid, one-piece design
  • Bright lighting effects
  • LED strobe flashes with each shot
  • Tracer effect with glow in the dark BBs
  • Excellent for CQB and night games
  • Easy to use on / off button design
  • Uses rechargeable 3.4V 2200mAH Lipo battery
  • Built-in LED power switch indicates when its fully charged

Package Includes:

  • G&G Rechargeable Tracer Unit
  • USB charging cable

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