G&P Magpul PTS M4 CQB MOE Carbine - Black


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G&P Magpul PTS M4 CQB MOE Carbine - Black

G&P Magpul PTS M4 CQB MOE Carbine

Magpul Original Equipment (MOE) is a line of products from Magpul designed to provide high quality, economical alternatives to standard weapon parts, while still maintaining Magpul engineering and quality. The MOE Carbine is essentially a standard M4 carbine tricked out with a full complement of Magpul MOE goodies. Not only does this AEG feature a MOE handguard, MOE stock, MOE grip, and rear MBUS flip up sight, all by Magpul PTS, but it also includes the unique lower receiver produced by G&P. This receiver not only features a stamped Magpul logo, but it also has a unique design over standard receivers, with a textured magazine-well and unique and aggressive looking angles components. The trigger guard is integrated into the receiver, and takes the shape of the Magpul enhanced trigger guard for improved ergonomics and ease of use. The flared magwell assists the user in his/her reloads. For that extra bit of realism, this AEG also features a mock gas tube above the barrel, inside the handguard.

The MOE handguard is more ergonomic than the standard M4 handguard, and has slots at the 10, 2, and 6 o’clock positions to allow the user to install picatinny rail segments. The MOE grip is aggressively textured, and well-formed to comfortably fit the user's hands. The MOE stock has a unique look among M4 stocks, is extremely durable, and features a .30” rubber buttpad to enhance the stock’s grip on the user’s shoulder/body armor. The adjustment lever is protected against accidental bumps. The included MBUS rear sight is made from Magpul’s signature high-quality polymer, and has a handy spring-loaded flip up mechanism. Also included is a Magpul PTS 120rd PMAG midcap. This high quality polymer magazine is extremely durable (you can literally run it over with a truck) and feeds flawlessly

Internally, this AEG features a complete G&P gearbox, providing an excellent stock rate of fire and all around performance. While G&P is known primarily for their high quality externals, they’ve recently improved the quality of their internals as well, and they are quite solid. This gun can stand up to an 11.1v LiPo battery out of the box, and will not let you down on the field. The adjustable hop-up unit is a one-piece metal design, providing superior performance and durability over the two-piece plastic design seen in some guns.

The Magpul PTS MOE carbine is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a solid, well-performing AEG out of the box, or for the dedicated Magpul fan. This gun comes at a good value as well; if one was to build this gun separately, the cost of a base G&P gun plus all of the Magpul upgrades would drive it far over the cost of the PTS AEG.


-Full metal construction

-Velocity: 340-360 FPS with .20g BB

-Firing modes: semiautomatic, automatic

-G&P licensed black Magpul receiver

-Magpul PTS MOE handguard, FDE

-Magpul PTS MOE grip, FDE

-Magpul PTS MOE stock, FDE

-Magpul PTS rear MBUS, FDE

-Magpul PTS 120rd PMAG, FDE

-Metal, one piece, adjustable hop-up unit

-11.5” carbine barrel

-Mock gas tube

-G&P high performance gearbox

Package Includes:

-Magpul PTS MOE carbine

-1x 120rd PMAG with dust cover

- Operator's manual


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