HK Army 26ci 3000 PSI Compact Paintball / Airsoft HPA Aluminum Air Tank

SKU: V666153

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Lightweight, compact and affordable, an HK Army 26 cubic inch, 3000psi HPA air tank delivers simple compressed air performance at a price within reach of any player! The HK Army 26ci 3000psi compressed air system is a great addition to any paintball or airsoft gear collection!


  • Lightweight, durable aluminum air tank
  • Capacity: 26 cubic inches
  • Tank Pressure: 3000psi
  • Regulator Output Pressure: 800psi
  • Light, small & affordable HPA air tank
  • Affordable, high-quality HPA compressed air system
  • Perfect for pump, magfed or low-impact paintball gear setups
  • Low-profile air tank for airsoft HPA systems that'll fit smaller packs
  • Fill level / pressure gauge easily shows how much air you have in the tank

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