ICS AN/PEQ-2 External Battery Box with Laser

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ICS AN/PEQ-2 External Battery Box with Laser

ICS AN/PEQ-2 External Battery Box with Laser

Based on the real AN/PEQ-2 infrared laser sight that saw a lot use in the U.S. Special Operations Community, ICS was able to create a practical and tactical accessory to any airsofter or mil-simer. The PEQ-2, by ICS, was designed to be an external battery pack for AEGs that could not hold larger batteries (i.e. front wired M4's with an aftermarket RIS, G36Cs or G36s with a RIS, MP5s, SIG series rifles, etc.) while at the same time disguise its purpose and help replicate the look of an actual operator’s weapon. The battery box can be mounted to most standard rail systems and hold up to a 12 V battery.

ICS was able to install a small laser into the unit and is activated via a pressure switch that comes in the package. The laser will greatly assist players and their team mates in marking targets and other points of interest during night, urban, low light and CQB games. It will also aid in rapid target acquisition for players as the laser will act as a guide for the player's eye.


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