ICS M4 CQB RIS Assault Rifle Metal Gear AEG Auto Electric Airsoft Gun


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ICS AEG M4 CQB RIS Assault Rifle

ICS M4A1 CQB Sportline

ICS is a brand known for providing affordable, yet well-performing guns packed with great features, and their Sportline series is no different. An AEG from ICS’ Sportline series will include all of the same features as the Proline version of the same gun, with a few differences aimed at bringing the price lower and making the gun even more affordable than it was in the first place. ICS Sportlines use the Turbo 2000 motor as opposed to the Turbo 3000 used in the Proline, and make use of high strength plastics to take the place of large metal components such as receivers. The rest of the gun, however, is the same as the Proline version, but at a much lower cost.

The M4 CQB Sportline is well-suited to the roll of CQB or MOUT. It features a 10.5” CQB length barrel, a cut-down LMT style rear sight, two piece rail system with vertical grip and two rail protector panels, and an adjustable, five position crane stock. This crane stock not only allows the user to fit high capacity batteries in the stock while still being able to adjust it for different uses, but it also uses ICS’ innovative new battery contact system. Instead of using wires and a connector like most airsoft guns, this one has electrical contacts in the stock, which, when an ICS crane battery featuring matching contacts is inserted, makes contact with the battery and connects the current. This makes this crane stock simple and easier to operate than similar stocks, as there are no wires or connects to hassle with or get in the way. Though the receiver is made from durable polymer, you wouldn’t know it by looking at it. It is extremely well-finished and looks very much like metal, and gives off none of the shine that other plastic-bodied guns do. Upon touching it, it becomes evident that the receiver is indeed plastic, yet it feels very durable and nice to the touch. This will surprise those who are not familiar high-grade polymers, and instantly make them a believer. The 330rd high cap magazine is also made from high-strength polymers, and modeled after the Thermold magazine, a real AR magazine made from high strength polymers. Ergonomically, due to the crane stock, vertical foregrip, and light weight, this gun is very comfortable to hold and shoot.

Internally, aside from the use of a Turbo 2000 motor, this gun comes with all the same reliable, high performance parts that an ICS Proline does. This includes the revolutionary split gearbox design, which makes internal work more convenient, or allows the user to have two separate upper gearboxes, each one at a different FPS level. This allows the operator to easily switch their 400 FPS gun to a CQB-friendly 350 FPS in seconds. Another great feature designed by ICS is the spring tension release. Normally, when done shooting your gun, you should fire a shot or two in semiautomatic in order to fully reset the spring tension in order to preserve the life and power of your AEG’s spring. However, on an ICS AR AEG, this is no longer needed. All that needs to be done is to simply depress the mock forward assist button located on the right side of the receiver, and just like that, the spring tension is released. The hop-up is adjusted by pulling back the charging handle, which pops open the dust cover and moves the mock bolt back, revealing the hop-up adjustment dial.

For the price of a Chinese made MPEG, you can get this AEG from ICS, a company trusted by many players, and also enjoy all of the above bonus features. This gun is a great option for veteran and new players alike.

Airsoft N More provides all ICS guns with an extended 30-day warranty which covers manufacturer defects and workmanship faults.


-Durable polymer receiver

-Metal two-piece RIS

-Vertical foregrip and rail panels

-Adjustable, six-position crane stock with battery contacts (not compatible with standard batteries)

-330rd polymer Thermold style high capacity magazine

-Metal, chopped-down adjustable rear sight

-ICS split gearbox and spring tension release system

-Turbo 2000 motor

-Adjustable hop-up


-Length: 28”-31.75”

-Height: 9” (magazine removed)

-Weight: 6.05 lbs

-Velocity: 300-330 FPS with .20g BB

-Firing modes: semiautomatic, automatic

Package Includes:

-ICS M4 CQB Sportline

-1x vertical foregrip

-2x rail panels

-1x high capacity magazine

-ICS operator’s manual



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