ICS M4A1 Carbine Assault Rifle Full Metal AEG Electric Airsoft Gun

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ICS M4A1 Carbine Assault Rifle Full Metal AEG Electric Airsoft Gun

ICS M4A1 Carbine Assault Rifle Full Metal AEG Electric Airsoft Gun

The M4 Carbine is the standard issue rifle of the United States Military. Based off of the famous M16 assault rifle, the M4 is shorter and lighter in comparison to its predecessor, without sacrificing its range or accuracy. Ever since its adoption in the mid 90s many military and law enforcement units all over the world currently carry and issue some variant of the M4.

The ICS M4A1 may look like your standard M4-like AEG, however it does bring a few unique features that make it standout from the rest of the pack. Externally, it sports a full metal upper and lower receiver, buffer tube and barrel. While the pistol grip, stock and hand guard being made out high quality polymer. The standard LE style stock is adjustable up to 6-positions. Pretty much standard for a full metal M4, except for the forward assist – the button located just behind the ejection port.

The forward assist functions to release the tension of the gun’s spring, a feature that is not commonly seen on many airsoft guns. When pressed, it pushes the anti-reversal latch and releases and decompresses the spring inside the gearbox. This keeps your FPS consistent and increases the longevity of your M4’s internal parts.

Internally, the ICS M4 utilizes a unique version 2 split gearbox design. The upper half, contained in the upper receiver, holds the compression system (i.e. spring, piston, piston head, cylinder, spring guide, etc.) while the lower half, located in the lower receiver, contains the mechanical parts (gears, motor, wires, trigger assembly, etc). This allows the player to quickly exchange their AEG springs and to easily inspect and maintain their gearbox for any wear and tear.


  • Semi & Fully Automatic Firing Modes

  • Full Metal Construction

  • High Precision Version 2 Split Metal Gearbox w/ Steel Bushings

  • Infinite High Torque Motor w/ High RPM

  • 330 – 350 FPS on .20g BBs

  • Adjustable Hop-Up System

  • Removable Carry Handle with Rail Underneath

  • 6-Position Adjustable, Retractable LE Stock

  • 2 x 300 Round Hi-Cap Magazines

  • Adjustable Front & Rear Sights

Package Includes:

  • ICS Full Metal M4A1 AEG

  • 2 x 300 Round Hi-Cap Magazines

  • 1000 0.20g 6mm BBs in a Quick Load Bottle

  • Cleaning Rod

  • Instruction Manual

  • ICS CD

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