ICS Metal Quick Detach Silencer Barrel Extension

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ICS Metal Quick Detach Silencer Barrel Extension

ICS Metal Quick Detach Silencer Barrel Extension

While suppressors used by military operators mask the sound of their rifles, airsoft "silencers"- or barrel extensions - usually do not suppress airsoft guns. However, they definitly add a more tactical look to your rifle and can help in replicating a certain style or look of some actual guns. They also can be used to cover up longer after-market inner barrels, hence the name "barrel extensions."

This ICS silencer features a unique quick detach mechanism that allows you to easily attach and detach the device. Its full metal construction makes this attachment very durable and features ICS trademarks. The shortened design of this silencer allows you to have a suppressor-like airsoft gun without extending the overall length of your gun.


- Metal construction

- Quick detach design

- Shorten design doesn't extend overall length of gun

- Can cover up longer inner barrels

- Does not suppress sounds of airsoft guns

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