ICS MK5A5 Sportline SMG Submachine Gun Metal Gear AEG Auto Electric Airsoft Gun

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ICS MK5A5 Submachine Gun Sportline

ICS MK5A5 Sportline

ICS AEGs are high quality, reliable, and often feature innovative designs, all while managing to be more affordable than comparable brands. For these reasons, ICS is a popular brand with airsoft players, and their MK5 series is one of the most common. The ICS MK5 is easily one of the best, if not the best, MK5 on the market when it comes to value and performance. As affordable as the Proline MK5 is, ICS has brought the cost even lower with their MK5 Sportline.

The ICS MK5 Proline and Sportline are very similar to one another, with the most noticeable difference being the use of ABS plastic in the upper receiver, as opposed to the aluminum one used by the Proline. Additionally, the Sportline uses ICS’ older Turbo 2000 motor, while the Proline features the newer Turbo 3000. However, the rest of the gun is essentially the same as the Proline, such as the quality polymers used in the handguard, lower receiver, and butt of the stock, as well as metal used in the sights, stock arms, controls, and 220rd high capacity magazine. The user also has the option to attach an aftermarket ICS laser unit directly above the barrel, beneath the front sight, providing a low-profile, accurate laser aiming solution, superior to that provided by rail-mounted lasers.

Aside from the difference in motors, the ICS Sportline series features the same high quality internals as the Prolines. For the same price as a Chinese MPEG, you can get the ICS MK5 Sportline, a gun backed up by airsoft players worldwide. This AEG is dependable and performs well, and, while perfect for CQB, is also a viable choice for woodland or field gameplay as well. ICS guns have always offered the best bang for your buck, and their Sportline series are no different.

Airsoft N More provides a 30 day warranty on all ICS AEGs. This covers manufacturer’s defects and workmanship errors.


-ABS plastic upper receiver

-High quality polymer lower receiver and handguard

-Three position adjustable stock

-Adjustable hop-up

-Adjustable sights

-Turbo 2000 motor

-High grade metal gearbox

-220rd metal high capacity magazine


-Length: 20”-25.5”

-Height: 8.5” (magazine removed)

-Weight: 3.7 lbs

-Velocity: 300-330 FPS with .20g BB

-Shooting modes: semiautomatic, automatic

Package Includes:

-ICS MK5A5 Sportline

-1x high capacity magazine

-ICS operator’s manual


-Cleaning/unjamming rod


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