ICS MX5 Pro 3 Round Burst Full Metal Airsoft Sub Machine Gun AEG


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ICS MX5 Pro 3 Round Burst Full Metal Airsoft Sub Machine Gun AEG

ICS MX5 Pro 3 Round Burst Full Metal Airsoft Sub Machine Gun AEG

ICS AEGs are high quality, extremely reliable, and feature innovative designs - all while remaining at an affordable price. For these reasons, ICS is a popular brand with all spectrums of airsoft players, and their MK5 series is one of the best examples of this. The ICS MK5 is easily one of the best, if not the best, MK5 on the market, and it comes at an affordable price as well.

The MX5 Pro MS1 is a very ambitious product from ICS. While it is resembles a standard MP5, it has many distinct and extremely unique features that you will NEVER find on a real MP5 - or any MK5 airsoft AEG for that matter. For example, it features full stock that can be adjusted for length of pull, has an adjustable cheek rest AND folds to the side. And the overall look of the gun is more "Sci-Fi"-esque, rather than based in realism. The MX5 Pro comes with a railed handguard allowing you to attach any lights, lasers or grips. It features ambidextrous fire controls and magazine release. It also features a folding charging handle that can be locked back to access your hop-up.

Internally, this AEG is very robust and performs well; this is an AEG you can rely upon. It also features ICS’ newer Turbo 3000 motor for enhanced trigger response and ROF - even when its on 3 round burst! While it may not replicate an existing firearm, the ICS MX5 Pro is very unique and offers a lot of nice features for players. With the excellent quality and performance this gun offers for a great price, this AEG is an excellent choice for both veteran CQB players and newer players who want a solid platform they can rely on.


- High quality metal and polymer construction

- Safe, semi-auto, full-auto and 3-round-burst

- 300-330 FPS with .20g BB

- 5 position adjustable, side-folding stock

- Ambidextrous controls

- Adjustable hop-up

- Adjustable front and rear iron sights

- Comes with different front sight apertures

- Turbo 3000 motor

- High grade metal gearbox

- 220rd metal high capacity magazine

Package Includes:


- 1x high capacity magazine

- 1x barrel plug

- 1x cleaning/unjamming rod

- Extra front sight apertures

- ICS operator’s manual



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