ICS Navy SEAL MK5SD3 Submachine Gun Metal Body Electric Airsoft Gun


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ICS Navy SEAL MK5SD3 Submachine Gun


ICS AEGs are high quality, reliable, and often feature innovative designs, all while managing to be more affordable than AEGs by many competing brands. For these reasons, ICS is a popular brand with all spectrums of airsoft players, and their MP5 series is one of the best examples of this. The ICS MP5 is easily one of the best, if not the best, MP5 on the market, and it comes at an affordable price as well.

The MK5 is a compact 9mm submachine gun that excels at what it was designed for: close quarters combat. Often the weapon of choice among SWAT teams, counter-terrorism units, and other special operations personnel for building raids and other urban operations, the MK5 has earned itself a solid position in both Hollywood and popular video games. And, just like the real SMG, airsoft MK5s make an excellent choice for CQB/MOUT gameplay, earning them a place in the hearts of airsoft CQB specialists worldwide.

The MK5SD3 is a specialized version of the standard MK5, featuring an integrated suppressor to reduce sound and muzzle flash. On the airsoft version, this translates to a slightly modified muzzle report, and one hell of a cool looking gun. Though the mock suppressor does add some additional length to the weapon, it is very minimal, and overall the MK5SD3 is still quite a compact weapon. An adjustable three-position stock aids in this, allowing the length of the AEG to be shortened either for storage purposes, or to make it more maneuverable. As this particular model is based on the SD3 variant, it features the older “SEF” style lower receiver, which is more ergonomic than the modern MK5 grip, but is optimized for right-handed shooters. When shooting it left-handed, there is hardly a difference in feel, but the fire selector switch is not ambidextrous. Both the front and rear sight are adjustable, and the rear sight rotates to allow the operator to choose from four different sized apertures for different applications. As far as build construction, this AEG is true to the real thing, with a metal upper receiver, suppressor, and stock arms, and a lower receiver, hand guard, and butt plate made from high grade polymer.

Internally, this AEG is very robust and performs well, making it an AEG you can rely upon. It also features ICS’ newer Turbo 3000 motor for enhanced trigger response and ROF. Hop-up is adjusted via an external lever, making it much more convenient than a hop-up dial located inside of the receiver. The lever is rigid and will not move on its own or from light bumps. The charging handle still functions and can be locked to the rear, but does not open the ejection port. Because of the excellent value and performance this gun offers for a great price, this AEG is an excellent choice for both veteran CQB players and newer players who want a solid platform they can rely on.

Airsoft N More provides an extended 30 day warranty on all ICS AEGs. This covers all manufacturer’s defects and workmanship faults.


-Full metal construction

-Removable MP5SD style mock suppressor

-SEF style lower receiver

-High grade polymer construction of non-metal parts

-Adjustable sights

-Adjustable hop-up

-Adjustable three position stock.

-220rd high capacity magazine

-High grade metal gearbox


-Length: 23.5”-29.25”

-Height: 8.25” (magazine removed)

-Weight: 4.9 lbs

-Velocity: 300-330 FPS with .20g BB

-Firing modes: Semiautomatic, automatic

-Battery type: mini, stick nunchuck

Package Includes:


-1x high capacity magazine

-1x barrel plug

-1x cleaning/unjamming rod

-ICS operator’s manual



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