ICS Sportline CXP-08 Concept M4 CQB Airsoft Gun AEG Rifle

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ICS Sportline CXP-08 Concept M4 CQB Airsoft Gun AEG Rifle

ICS Sportline CXP-08 Concept M4 CQB Airsoft Gun AEG Rifle

ICS AEGs are high quality, extremely reliable, and feature innovative designs - all while remaining at an affordable price. For these reasons, ICS is a popular brand with all spectrums of airsoft players. Their CXP series brought a line of futuristic M4-style airsoft guns to the market. These concept AEG designs broke the standard mold and gave players an M4 platform was both unique and offered nothing less than ICS's high quality performance.

The ICS CXP-08 Concept is one of the ambitious "concept guns" released by ICS. While the initial design is based off an M4 platform, ICS took it upon themselves to push the design to something more unique. For example, the free float hand guard is very minimalist and gives users rail slots in areas where its most ideal for tactical accessories. Its beefy size makes it comfortable to hold and can be modified to store batteries. The CXP features a unique top rail that sports integrated, low-profile iron sights. This top rail is perfect for mounting a variety of scopes and optics. The telescoping stock is similar to what might be seen on M14 EBR platforms, with its skeleton design and ability to adjust up to 5 positions. The enlarged buffer tube acts a surprisingly comfortable cheek rest. With its reinforced polymer body and selective use of metal components, the ICS CXP-08 is lighter than most short barrel M4s. While the overall look of the gun is more Science Fiction inspired, this AEG is ideally suited for CQB games.

Internally, this AEG is very robust and performs well; this is an AEG you can rely upon. It features ICS's unique split Version 2 gearbox, making it easier to modify and upgrade the AEG. The CXP uses ICS’s new Turbo 3000 motor for enhanced trigger response and rate of fire. ICS also gave the CXP a functioning forward assist that, when pushed, releases the tension on the gearbox spring. This reduces stress in the gearbox and helps maintain a stable and consistent FPS. While it may not replicate an existing firearm, the ICS CXP-08 Concept is very unique and offers a lot of nice features for players. With the excellent quality and performance this gun offers for a great price, this AEG is an excellent choice for both veteran CQB players and newer players who want a solid platform they can rely on.


- High strength, polymer reinforced body

- Uses ICS's split, full metal Version 2 gearbox design

- Safe, semi-automatic and automatic firing modes

- Velocity: 330-350 FPS with .20g BBs

- Overall length (extended): 27.5" / 69.85 cm

- Overall length (retracted): 23.5" / 59.69 cm

- Weight: 6 lbs / 2721.55 g

- Adjustable hop up system

- Full metal tactical rail system

- Continous top rail for optics

- Fixed, low-profile adjustable iron sights

- 5 position telescoping skeleton stock

- Extremely compact design for CQB games

- Forward assist spring tension release

- Split gearbox design for ease of use

Package Includes:

- ICS Sportline CXP-08 Concept

- 1x 300 round hi-cap magazine

- Sample pack of ICS .20g BBs

- ICS PEQ battery box

- Instruction manual

- Cleaning / unjamming rod

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