JG Crane Stock for M4 / M16 AEG Airsoft Guns - Black

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The JG Crane Stock is a slide-on replacement for standard airsoft gun stocks. Made with high strength polymer, this stock lightweight, yet very durable. It is designed to easily install on most buffer / stock tubes and can hold most airsoft gun batteries. The stock features slanted cheek rests for a more comfortable cheek weld when aiming down sights.


    • Made with high strength polymer
    • Slide-on replacement for standard M4 / M16 rifle stocks
    • Compatible with most airsoft buffer tubes / stock tubes
    • Designed to hold airsoft gun batteries
    • Easy to remove stock plate for easy battery installation
    • Non-slip, rubberized stock pad
    • Slanted cheek rests comfortable cheek weld
    • Rubberized, non-slip coating on cheek rests

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