JG M4 CQB Stubby Killer AEG Electric Airsoft Rifle

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JG M4 CQB Stubby AEG Airsoft Gun

JG M4 CQB Stubby AEG

The JG M4 CQB Stubby is an M4A1 that has been modified to address the needs of any CQB oriented player. Its small, compact size makes it an excellent choice for maneuvering through buildings, around corners, and clearing rooms. Its light weight, attributed to its ABS body and stock, just adds to the ease of its maneuverability. Accessorizing the Stubby is just as easy as any other M4, albeit just in a more compact system. Since it uses a shortened, full metal, free float rail system it has enough space to add a flash light or laser and a vertical grip. With the addition of flip-up back up iron sights, you can add any optic of your choice and not worry about your iron sights getting in the way of your sight picture.

Overall, because of its light weight and scaled down size, the M4 Stubby is the best CQB M4 for any CQB player.


  • Semi automatic and full automatic fire modes

  • 360-380 FPS with .20g BB

  • ABS Construction

  • Compact Design

  • Full Metal Ver. 2 Gearbox and Internals

  • Adjustable, Flip-up Front and Rear Sights

  • Ergonomic Pistol Grip

  • Rear Metal Sling Attachment Points

  • Shortened, Fixed Stock (holds battery)

  • 190 high capacity magazine

Package includes:

  • JG M4 CQB Stubby AEG

  • 1x 190rd Hi-Cap Magazine

  • Instruction Manual

  • Rechargeable Stick Type Battery and Wall Charger

  • Small pack of 100 bbs (Not recommended for use)

  • Cleaning/unjamming rod


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