King Arms 85rd M16VN Vietnam Style AEG Airsoft Mid-Cap Magazines

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The King Arms M16VN Mid-Cap Magazines are perfect for any Mil-sim kit or Vietnam load out. Made with high strength polymer, these magazines are very light, yet hold a decent amount of BBs to keep you in the game. The lower capacity encourages players to play more tactically, rather than spray-and-pray. These magazines are based off the "old school" short magazines that were seen during the Vietnam War.


  • High impact polymer body
  • Type: Mid-capacity airsoft magazine
  • Capacity: 85 BB
  •  Low profile design ideal for when prone in the field
  • Perfect for Vietnam / Cold War-era kits
  • Does not rattle like hi-caps and no winding necessary
  • High tension spring for reliable feeding
  • Available in a pack of 5 or sold individually
  • Compatible with Echo1, JG, Dboys, A&K, G&G, Classic Army, King Arms and most TM compatible brands

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