King Arms Fully Licensed FN P90 AEG - Battery and Charger


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King Arms Fully Licensed FN P90 AEG Battery and Charger

King Arms FN P90 AEG

The P90 was developed by the legendary FN Herstal as a personal defense weapon, or PDW. A PDW designed to be used by military personnel – either vehicle crews, private contractors, special security forces, etc. to give them rifle-like stopping power in a system that is smaller than most submachine guns. The P90 differs from other PDWs, and firearms in general, in its design. First, and foremost, is the re-engineered bullpup layout that gives it a compact, low-profile look. Second, the magazine sits on top of the weapon, utilizing gravity to feed and eject cartridges as it fires. Due to its extremely unique, space-age aesthetic, this weapon is a common sight in numerous popular modern TV shows, movies and video games, and has a devout following among airsoft enthusiasts as well.

The King Arms FN P90 is an outstanding replica of the real thing, featuring fully licensed FNH trademarks and logos. The ultra compact size makes this perfect for CQB fields and games. The small size also makes it a feasible back-up weapon. The upper receiver is metal and features a tri-rail system for the attachment of any tactical accessories. The lower receiver/stock is made from a strong polymer material, as on the real weapon. This helps reduce the overall weight of the AEG, making it very light and easier to hold. For added realism, the standard magazine is translucent, revealing the fifty mock cartridges inside. All of the controls on the P90 are ambidextrous and can easily be reached with either hand.


- Metal upper receiver

- Polymer stock/lower receive

- Officially licensed by FN Herstal

- Compact, lightweight, bullpup design

- Fully ambidextrous controls

- Integrated tri-rail interface system

- Integrated iron sights

- 376 FPS with .20g BBs

Package Includes:

- King Arms FN P90 AEG

-1x 300 round hi-cap magazine

- 8.4v 1100 mAh battery and wall charger

- Cleaning/Unjamming rod

- Operator’s manual

- Speed loader

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