KING ARMS M4 Airsoft Enhanced Carbine MOD Stock


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KING ARMS M4 Enhanced Carbine MOD Stock

KING ARMS M4 Enhanced Carbine MOD Stock

King Arms M4 Enhanced Carbine MOD Stock is a high quality Retractable Stock with many unique features in design & comfort adding another tactical feature to your airsoft guns. King Arms is a Hong Kong manufacturer of High End airsoft guns & Accessories. If you really want to make your gun stand out from the rest of them out there on the fields this stock will definitely do the job. It is constructed of high quality ABS plastic and is very ruggid and durable with a unique tactical design meant to enhance your aiming ability when firing. Weather you are looking to get tactical or you just want to add a fashion statement to your gun the KING ARMS MOD stock will fulfill any desire and will do its job out on the fields when you are in battle and ready for war. It is the ultimate modern warfare M4 enhanced tactical carbine MOD stock.

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