KWA Full Metal KM4 Carbine Lipo Ready AEG Airsoft Rifle

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KWA has been known for years among airsofters for their top-of-the-line gas blowback products. KWA currently leads the industry in gas powered airsoft guns. However, just producing the best gas pistols on the market wasn’t enough for them, so a few years ago, they began their foray into AEGs. Now KWA produces some of the best AEGs on the market, a favorite among players for their realism and high performance.

Before, players had to make their purchase on the basis of quality vs. price if they wanted to buy a gun. Now, KWA bridges a gap that was a common problem for many airsofters with their new KM4A1 Carbine. Just like all of KWA's full metal airsoft guns, the KM4 utilizes high quality, rock-solid aluminum alloy construction for enhanced durability. The airsoft gun uses the standard M4A1-style hand guard, which provides a very comfortable grip when shouldering the rifle and gives it a more "old-school" aesthetic. The metal receiver features a rail on the top for mounting optics. Both the pistol grip and six-position LE stock are made from high grade polymer, similar to real AR15s. Additionally, the KM4 features an ambidextrous rear sling mount, great for use with single-point slings, and also features a front and rear sling loop mount for use with two-point slings.

The KM4 's internals are just as rock-solid. Featuring KWA’s new 2GX gearbox and 2G high performance hop-up bucking, this gun is built to last and is an excellent performer. Designed to handle higher voltage batteries straight out of the box, this gun can produce a fast rate of fire and a very responsive trigger to put extra pressure on the opposition. Offering high performance and reliability, the KWA KM4 is an excellent airsoft for anyone looking for a extremely competitive, skirmish ready airsoft rifle.


  • High quality, aluminum alloy construction
  • Reinforced polymer grip, hand guard and stock
  • Full metal, reinforced KWA 2GX gearbox
  • Variants:
    • KM4A1
      • Velocity: 375-400 FPS with .20g BB
      • Length (Retracted): 31.75" / 806.45 mm
      • Length (Extended): 35" / 889.00 mm
      • Outer Barrel Length: 14.5" / 368.3 mm
      • Inner Barrel Length: 15.55" / 395 mm
      • Fire Modes: Safe, Semi & Full Auto
      • Weight: 6.37 lbs / 2889g
    • KM4 CQB
      • Velocity: 330-350 FPS with .20g BB
      • Length (Retracted): 27.75“ / 704.85 mm
      • Length (Extended): 31.00“ / 787.40 mm
      • Outer Barrel Length: 10.50“ / 266.70 mm
      • Inner Barrel Length: 10.75“ / 273.05 mm
      • Fire Modes: Safe, Semi & Full Auto
      • Weight: 6.37 lbs / 2.9 kg
  • Adjustable KWA 2G high performance hop up system
  • Standard M4A1 polymer hand guard
  • Railed top receiver for mounting scopes and optics
  • Six position retractable crane stock
  • Adjustable front and rear iron sights
  • Ambidextrous rear sling plate mount
  • Front and rear sling mounts
  • Backed by KWA's 90-day warranty

    Package Includes:

      • KWA KM4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Rifle
      • 1x 120rd K120 mid-cap magazine
      • KWA Operator's manual
      • Warranty information
      • Front sight adjustment tool
      • Cleaning/unjamming rod

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