Lancer Tactical 7.4V 2500mAh 20 C Butterfly Li-Ion Airsoft Battery

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  • Type: Lithium Ion battery
  • Dimensions: 2.6 x 0.73"
  • Voltage: 7.4V
  • Capacity: 2500 mAh
  • Rating: 20 C
  • Plug Type: Female Mini Tamiya
  • High performance Lithium Ion cell
  • High trigger response and rate of fire when compared to NiMH batteries
  • Versatile fitment works well with most front hand guards and rear crane stocks
  • Efficient high performance 7.4 voltage output
  • Best if stored in temperature 35-70 degree and keep away from sunlight or heat
  • Higher energy density for longer operations between charges
  • Low self discharge rate for longer performance over time
  • No memory effect, can be charged from empty or nearly full without damaging the cells
  • Batteries will not puff / become damaged if they are not used for extended period of time
  • Li-Ion batteries can hold charge for months and still be ready to go for game day
  • Compatible with most electric airsoft replicas

**NOTE** Must be charged with specific Li-ion battery chargers.

FIRE HAZARD WARNING: Lithium batteries (LiPoly/LiMn) are extremely volatile and must be handled and charged properly. Please read instructions before use.

  • Never charge unattended.
  • Only use the appropriate charger with your LiPo batteries. Use of other chargers can result in fire, personal injury and property damage.
  • Never leave batteries and chargers unattended when in use. When not in use, always remove the battery from the charger or airsoft gun.
  • Always charge batteries in a safe area, on a stable non-flammable surface away from other flammable items. Never allow your battery and charger to be dislodged or fall during charging as this can result in fire, personal injury and property damage.
  • Never alter, modify or open your battery.
  • Before charging complete a visual inspection of your battery. At the sign of any damage do not use.
  • Never expose batteries to temperatures higher than 160 degrees F.
  • Always keep your battery in a safe secure location to prevent damage during transport or storage.
  • Always keep batteries away from liquids.
  • Always keep batteries out of the reach of children.

Disclaimer for Airsoft Lithium Polymer Batteries:

  • Lithium Polymer Batteries cannot be shipped via 3-day, 2nd day, or next-day air services.
  • Lithium Polymer Batteries cannot be shipped outside of the lower 48 states of the U.S.A.
  • Do not leave Lithium Polymer Batteries under high heat, or in the vehicle unattended.
  • Due to the nature of this item and the complexity requirement on shipping, Lithium Polymer Batteries can not be returned. Please make sure your Airsoft gun is compatible with these batteries before purchasing.

**NOTE** Ground shipping ONLY. Due to US DOT and IATA shipping regulations, batteries shipping Air must have a charge of less than 30%. A lithium polymer battery in this state of charge for long periods of time will become damaged. For this reason, Airsoft N More will not be shipping batteries via Air shipping methods. Not selecting Ground Shipping will cause delays in shipment & we will need to be in contact for additional payments if needed.  Lithium Polymer Batteries cannot shipped at all to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. If expedited shipping options are selected, it will be changed to standard ground without warning before being shipped.


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