Lancer Tactical Airsoft Nylon Lower Face Mask by TMC

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Lancer Tactical Airsoft Nylon Lower Face Mask by TMC - Multicam

Lancer Tactical Airsoft Nylon Lower Face Mask by TMC

Safety is a major priority in airsoft. Many fields advocate for, at the most, face protection and full seal eye protection. However, this usually means paintball masks - which are not ideally suited for airsoft use. Lancer Tactical offers a unqiue solution and is perfect when used with other eye protection options. The Lancer Tactical Nylon Lower Face Mask by TMC provides sufficient face protection by covering the cheeks, nose, mouth and some of the ear with a strong, flexible plastic. The lower face mask is secured via a pair of padded head straps and can be adjusted. There are small vent openings on the mask good ventilation and breathing. With its slim and flexible design, the ability to shoulder and aim most airsoft guns is easy and not hindered - the same cannot be said for most paintball masks.

This has also been designed to be used in conjunction with eye protection. Most goggles and other forms of eye protection will work well with this mask.


- High strength, flexible plastic construction

- 4-point adjustable head strap

- Internal padding for user comfort

- Provides excellent face protection

- Vent holes for better breathing

- MUST be used with full seal eye protection

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