Lancer Tactical Dummy Medium Ballistic SAPI Plate

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The Lancer Tactical Dummy Ballistic SAPI Plate is an excellent way to step up your Milsim experience. A SAPI (Small Arms Protective Insert) plate is a hard ceramic or metal plate is designed to be put inside armor and plate carrier vests to give the user protection from incoming rounds. Since this is airsoft, we really do not need such levels or ballistic protection this hard plastic replica will certainly give your vest a more realistic look and feel when out in the field.


  • High strength, ABS plastic
  • Size: 10"x13"
  • Universal fit in most available plate carriers
  • Shooter cut to better accommodate stocks when aiming
  • Adds rigidity to prevent sag and improve fit in plate carriers
  • Gives plate carriers realistic bulk without the weight
  • Looks great for load out pictures
  • **NOTE** Does not provide ballistic protection

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