Lancer Tactical Gen2 Combat Shirt & Pants Set


Color: Desert Digital
Size: LG
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Lancer Tactical Gen2 Combat Shirt & Pants Set - LG / Desert Digital

Lancer Tactical Gen2 Combat Shirt & Pants Set - Desert Digital

The Lancer Tactical Gen2 Combat Shirt & Pants Set is a cost effective solution for airsoft operators looking for complete camouflage uniform set for their kit. The set comes with a unique short sleeve combat shirt and combat pants. Made out of 65/35 polyester cotton ripstop material, this combat uniform set provides users with a lightweight, yet very durable, tactical apparel for in-field or everyday use.

The Gen2 Combat Shirt is a perfect blend of high durability and excellent comfort. Since this is the Summer Edition, the combat shirt sports ripstop short sleeves. The sleeves have shoulder pockets for storing miscellaneous gear and accessories, as well as Velcro for tactical / morale patches. The body of the combat shirt is made of a nylon / cotton blend that aids in breathability and moisture wicking, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable in even the hottest of situations. It also features a zip-up high collar that protects the neck for abrasion and BB impacts.

The Lancer Tactical Gen2 Combat Pants provides operators with maximum mobility, comfort and protection. Constructed out of 65/35 poly cotton ripstop material, these pants are incredibly tough without restricting movement or comfort. Unlike most BDUs, these combat pants have integrated knee pads, giving the wearer protection when moving, kneeling or sliding over BBs and other field debris and obstacles. The knee pads are secured in place by interior pockets, they are surrounded by nylon elastic material allowing the knee pads to stay in place - even in the most dynamic of shooting stances. Pockets are always a good thing on tactical apparel and the Lancer Tactical Gen2 Combat Pants has many: two side pockets, two high cargo pockets, two rear pockets, two thigh pockets and two ankle pockets. Most of these pockets have ample space and Velcro flaps to store extra gear secured.


- Model: Summer Edition Combat Set

- Material: 65/35 polyester cotton ripstop material construction

- Size: Large, 34" - 36" waist line

- Extremely durable, breathable and comfortable

- Short sleeve combat shirt

- Shoulder pockets with velcro

- Ripstop sleeves and zip-up collar

- Nylon cotton blend body wicks moisture

- Combat pants with integrated knee pads

- Tough poly cotton ripstop construction

- Removable knee pads

- 10 pockets for extra gear

Package Includes:

- Lancer Tactical Gen2 Combat Short Sleeved Shirt

- Lancer Tactical Gen2 Combat Pants


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