Lancer Tactical M4 CQB-R MK18 AEG Airsoft Rifle


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Lancer Tactical M4 CQB-R MK18 Assault Rifle AEG

Lancer Tactical M4 CQB-R MK18 Assault Rifle AEG

The M4 Carbine is the standard issue rifle of the United States Military. Based off of the famous M16 assault rifle, the M4 is shorter and lighter in comparison to its predecessor, without sacrificing range or accuracy. The MK18, or CQBR variant of the standard M4, takes the compact idea a step further and is the primary assault rifle in the United States Special Forces Community.

Lancer Tactical certainly brings an impressive addition to the realm of Sportline, entry-level, budget friendly AEGs. Externally, the Lancer Tactical MK18 is entirely made out of high impact polymer making this gun very lightweight and easy to carry without sacrificing its durability or solid construction. Staying true to its real life counterpart, it utilizes a 10-inch barrel making it ideal for CQB games. Out of the box, the MK18 comes with a polymer Rail Interface System to add any number of tactical accessories – including the forward vertical grip that comes with the gun. It features a retractable 6-position crane stock. Not only does it give the user a good, solid cheek weld when firing it also houses the gun’s battery.

Internally, the Lancer Tactical MK18’s gearbox makes this AEG stand out from many lower power, lower quality, guns in its price range. The MK18 utilizes a full metal, reinforced, version 2 gearbox with quality metal and polymer internal part. The metal gear set even comes with a sector gear clip that, coupled with the lightweight polymer piston, ensures the gun will feed and fire reliably – even at higher speeds.

While the quality of the Lancer Tactical M4 CQBR MK18 may not be on the same level as more expensive AEGs, it certainly can compete against them. This is great for new players as it gives them a very competitive AEG at a really affordable price. With solid construction and an even more solid gearbox, this Sportline package is skirmish ready right out of the box.


  • Semi automatic and full automatic fire modes

  • 380-400 FPS with .20g BB

  • High Impact Polymer Construction

  • Polymer Rail System

  • Full Metal Ver. 2 Gearbox and Internals

  • Shorten Barrel – great for CQB

  • Adjustable Front and Rear Sights

  • Front and Rear Sling Attachment Points

  • 6-Postion Crane Stock

  • 300rd high capacity magazine

Package includes:

  • Lancer Tactical M4 CQBR MK18

  • 1x 300rd Hi-Cap Magazine

  • Instruction Manual

  • Rechargeable Crane Stock/Butterfly Type Battery and Wall Charger

  • Tactical Sling

  • Plastic Rail Covers

  • Vertical Grip

  • Bag of .20g BBs

  • Cleaning/unjamming rod

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