Lancer Tactical MICH 2001 Helmet

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Lancer Tactical MICH 2001 Helmet Black

Lancer Tactical MICH 2001 Helmet

The Modular Integrated Communications Helmet, or MICH, is the current standard issue helmet in majority of the United States military. It is an improved and more ergonomically designed ballistic helmet that replaced the more obsolete and cumbersome PASGAT. The MICH 2001 is a more streamlined and cut down version of the 2000 model.

The Lancer Tactical MICH 2001 is a very good quality replica of its real counter part. The fiber glass construction gives the helmet some heft and feels solid. It utilizes the same style of helmet cut, which makes wearing communication head sets (or ear protection) a lot easier. The helmet features an improved 4-point, adjustable chin strap and adjustable padding.


- Fiber glass construction make it feel solid

- Improved 4-point chin strap and padding

- Cut down design makes using head sets easier

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