Lancer Tactical Shemagh Desert Scarf Head Wrap

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Color: OD / AK47 Logo
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Shemaghs have been worn by people living in arid parts of the world for centuries to provide protection against direct sun exposure, as well as protect the wearer's face from blown dust and sand.

Recently, the U.S. Military has adopted the shemagh, which has become very popular with troops, due to their diverse and practical application when out in the field. Some of these applications include sun protection, sweat mop, dust wiper, water filter, bandages and many more. In terms of airsoft, shemaghs provide players a lightweight, breathable and protective piece of kit that covers their face and neck from on coming BBs and the elements while skirmishing.



  • Soft cotton construction
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Large size (44"x44")
  • Good coverage for face and neck protection
  • Versatile and offers multiple uses

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