Lancer Tactical SHS Reinforced Steel 21:1 M14 Version 7 Gear Set

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SHS is the company that is leading the way in the airsoft industry by providing high quality, ultra reliable upgrade performance parts at a very affordable price. Using high strength, heat treated, CNC machined steel, SHS gear sets are one of the best available to any airsoft player. While these gears are standard ratio, they are designed to perform a lot better in comparison to stock version 7 gear sets. Using a combination of heat treating and CNC machining, SHS produces a far more durable, and far more reliable, gear set for your M14 AEG airsoft guns


  • Reinforced, heat treated, machined steel construction
  • OEM by SHS
  • Standard ratio gears
  • Ideal with M120 or higher springs
  • Compatible with Version 7 gearboxes ONLY



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