Madbull Airsoft 14mm CCW Outer Barrel Extension


Size: 1"
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Do you need an extra inch or so of barrel to protect your upgraded inner barrel?  Or is your rail system interfering with installing that new tracer unit?  The Madbull Airsoft Outer Barrel Extension is here to help add the extra finishing touch to your airsoft rifle.  Available in both 1" and 2" lengths, these barrel extensions will give you that extra clearance to install what ever muzzle device you want on your airsoft gun.

Made with machined aluminum, these extensions are extremely lightweight, very durable and feature a hard anodized coating.  They can be installed onto most barrels that sport 14mm Counter-Clockwise (CCW) threading.  They also feature their own set of 14mm CCW threads on the end to quickly and easily install any barrel mounted accessories.


    • Made with high strength CNC machined aluminum
    • Level II hard anodized finish to match Madbull Outer Barrels
    • Counter-Clockwise threaded at both ends
    • Compatible with most AEG / GBBR 14mm CCW outer barrels
    • Provides added barrel length to clear rail systems or cover longer inner barrels
    • Comes with rubber o-ring to stabilize inner barrels for more consistent accuracy
    • Available in 1" or 2" lengths for any airsoft build

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