Madbull Airsoft Gear Grease Set

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The Madbull Gear Grease Set is a high quality lubricant that greatly reduces friction between parts in an airsoft AEG gear box. The set comes with two 5mL containers of grease, one for the transparent silicone grease and one for the black gear grease. The silicone grease is perfect for plastic and rubber parts and helps provide maximum air seal when applied to the piston and cylinder. The gear grease provides an smooth surface for gears, and other metallic parts, to move on. This greatly reduces friction and, in turn, the wear and tear on the parts.


  • High viscosity greases for airsoft gun parts
  • Comes in two 5mL containers
  • Silicone grease is best for plastic and rubber parts
  • Gear grease is great on metal parts
  • Reduces friction and stress on internal parts
  • Provides a smooth surface for moving parts
  • High quality, long lasting grease
  • Resistant to extremely high and low temperatures
  • Made in Germany

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