Madbull Airsoft Portable 12g Co2 Cartridge Refill Charger


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The Madbull Airsoft Portable CO2 Charger allows you to refill your gas blowback magazines or grenade shells in the field with high power CO2 reducing the need to carry bulky green gas cans for short games.  Made with high strength machined aluminum, this portable refill charger can handle higher pressures of CO2 while remaining lightweight.


  • High strength machined aluminum construction
  • Capacity: 1x 12g Co2 cartridge
  • Small and portable option for refilling airsoft magazines or grenade shells
  • Alternative substitute for green gas cans
  • Compact design for easy storage in most pouches
  • Easy to use and replace Co2 cartridges

**NOTE** Be sure to check if your magazines can handle Co2, improper use of Co2 in green gas magazines can potentially damage them.


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