Madbull Full Metal Version 2 Airsoft Propane Adapter

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The Madbull Version 2 Propane Adapter is made entirely out of metal. This makes the adapter extremely durable and less prone to breaking when gas moves through, and in turn chills, the adapter. There is a silicone oil port to make lubricating the gas easier.

**NOTE** The nozzle of this adapter is not compatible with magazines with extra large base plates. It will not reach the fill nozzle on guns such as the WE Hi-Capa. Propane is heavier than air, do not use indoors. Propane is poisonous if large amounts are inhaled, and extremely flammable.


  • Full metal construction
  • Silicone oil port for lubricating the propane
  • Screws on to most portable propane tanks
  • More durable than plastic adapters

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