Madbull Licensed Daniel Defense CNC Aluminum Airsoft M4 Outer Barrel

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Model: 10.3" Government Profile Carbine Length
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Featuring authentic Daniel Defense markings and logos, this Madbull Airsoft replica is a extremely high quality replica of an already high quality product.  Using machined aluminum, this M4 outer barrel is built solid, tough and reliable.

Madbull fully licensed Daniel Defense airsoft Cold Hammer Forge Barrels are exact replicas which feature authentic engravings stating the make, caliber, and rifling of the barrel. Madbull Daniel Defense barrels features eight models in carbine length, three models in mid-length, and one model in full or rifle length system.

Daniel Defense, famous for its rail systems and its cold hammer forged barrels, has produced high quality barrels through their refined hammer forging process ensures that the barrels are produced virtually defect free, like Madbull's own fully licensed replicas.


  • Officially licensed by Daniel Defense
  • Precision CNC machined aluminum construction
  • Length(s): 10.3" - 20"
  • Barrel Profiles: Government, Lightweight, M4 Carbine, or SPR
  • Threading: 14mm Counter Clock-Wise
  • Compatibility: M4 / M16 AEG Airsoft Rifles
  • Authentic Daniel Defense trademarks and roll marks
  • Available in a variety of lengths and profiles to suit any custom build
  • Standard 14mm CCW threading for any after market muzzle device
  • Barrel feature pre-cut notches to secure most styles of airsoft gas block replicas
  • High quality anodized matte finish

Barrel Profiles:

  • Government - Standardized barrel profile with no changes in barrel shape
  • Lightweight - Slightly slimmer profile to reduce weight and increase mobility
  • M4 Carbine - Features notches to accommodate M203 mounting hardware
  • SPR - Designed replicate barrels used for Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) builds

Gas System Lengths:

  • Carbine Length - Ideal for most 7" rail systems and hand guards
  • Mid-Length - Ideal for most 9" rail systems and hand guards
  • Rifle length - Ideal for most 12" or longer rail systems and hand guards

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