Magpul DYN001 Dynamics 3-DVD Set Art of the Tactical Carbine Vol 1


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Magpul DYN001 Dynamics 3-DVD Set Art of the Tactical Carbine Vol 1

Magpul DYN001 Dynamics 3-DVD Set Art of the Tactical Carbine Vol 1

Brand: Magpul

Item #: Dyn001

Magpul Dynamics 3-DVD: Art of the Tactical Carbine volume 1

The Art of the Tactical Carbine is a 3-disc DVD set featuring over four hours of actual live fire class instruction and additional instructional material.
With extensive combat experience around the globe, instructors Travis Haley and Chris Costa cover not only the "how to" aspects of the Carbine but also the "mindset" required to employ a carbine effectively under stress.

DISK ONE: Magpul Basic Carbine Course
- Gear Placement - Optics & Accessories
- Establishing Battle Sight Zero
- Iron Sights & Electronic Optics
- Effective Shooting Stance
- Proper Weapon Grip/Recoil Control
- Admin/Speed/Tactical Reloads
- Press Checks
- Solving Malfunctions
- Shooting On the Move
- Natural & Improvised Shooting Positions
- Choosing the Position For the Task
- Individual/Team Barricade Drills
- Special Features

DISK TWO: Magpul Advanced Carbine Course (MAC)
- Individual & Team Live Fire Stress Drills
- Rapid Threat Analysis & Acquisition
- Transition To Secondary Weapon
- Advanced Shooting On the Move
- Multiple Target Engagement
- Weapon & Reaction Side Barricade Drills
- Individual/Team Barricade Drills
- Shooting Around Vehicle Team Drills
- Advanced Failure Drills
- Drawing the Pistol
- Special Features

DISK THREE: Quick Reference Drills Breakdown
- Intergrated with Features on Discs 1&2
- Drills Shown at Various Speeds
- Drills Shown at Various Camera Angles
- Weapons Nomenclature and Accessories
- Weapons Disassembly and Maintenance
- Weapons Storage & Travel
- Special Features

Format: Color, DVD-Video, NTSC Language: English Region: Free (0) Aspect Ratio: 16:9

MSRP $39.95

Magpul Dynamics is a tactical training company with a curriculum focused on Military, Law Enforcement and Private Sector professional skill sets.
Designed by an expert team of instructors with extensive combat experience in the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Central America and South America, Magpul Dynamics delivers skill-building courses for students ranging from novice to expert. Prioritizing efficiency and consistency in mind set, fundamentals and stress conditioning, the courses run the gamut from basic weapons skills to advanced dynamic assault in complex urban environments.
Magpul Dynamics brings the best of what works to every class.


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