Magpul PTS Full Metal RM4 CQB ERG Electric Recoil Airsoft Gun by KWA

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Magpul PTS Full Metal RM4 CQB ERG Electric Recoil Airsoft Gun by KWA

Magpul PTS Full Metal RM4 CQB ERG Electric Recoil Airsoft Gun by KWA

Over the last few years, KWA has provided very innovative and revolutionary products to the airsoft community. They have been leading the way with their very unique and incredibly reliable airsoft guns. From gas blowback pistols to electric and gas rifles, KWA strives to provide high quality airsoft guns to a constantly expanding and growing community. KWA has stepped up their game and created an airsoft gun that blends the realism of a gas rifle with the simplicity of an AEG.

The Magpul PTS RM4 CQB Electric Recoil Gun (ERG) is the latest addition to KWA's line of premium airsoft guns. Similar to their KM4 series, the RM4 uses a full metal body for both durability and realism. The original handguard, pistol grip and stock have been replaced with Magpul PTS products to decrease the overall weight, while increasing control and comfort when using the airsoft gun. Internally, the RM4 CQB uses KWA's revolutionary 3GX gearbox. This gearbox uses a unique and revolutionary electric blowback system called the Kinetic Feedback System. The RM4 features a unique mechanical / electrical cut off that will stop the gun from firing until the bolt catch is released. While the RM4 Scout can accept standard M4 AEG magazines, the bolt catch and release will be deactivated.

The RM4 CQB is an excellent option for players looking for an airsoft gun that performs like an gas blowback rifle without the negative effects like cool down, magazine costs, etc. that are associated with it. Due to its realistic design, the RM4 is an ideal and very cost effective training tool for law enforcement, tactical trainers and firearms enthusiasts who want a reliable, yet safe, system to practice with.


- High strength metal alloy construction

- High strength polymer handguard, pistol grip and stock

- Fully licensed by Magpul PTS

- Velocity: 330-350 FPS with .20g BBs

- Overall length (Retracted): 26.95" / 64.44 cm

- Overall length (Extended): 30.23" / 76.78 cm

- Innovative KWA Kinetic Feedback System

- Safe, Semi and Fully automatic firing modes

- Adjustable 2GX Hop-Up

- Reinforced full metal 3GX gearbox

- 10.5" length barrel for close quarter games

- Railed top receiver for scopes or red dots

- Mechanical / electrical cut off when last round is fired

- Functioning bolt catch and release

- Magpul PTS licensed lower receiver

- Magpul PTS MOE stock with recoil pad

- Magpul PTS MOE handguard

- Magpul PTS MOE pistol grip

- Magpul PTS MBUS flip-up rear sight

- Magazine is adjustable for either 30 / 60 round capacity

Package Includes

- KWA Magpul PTS RM4 CQB ERG Airsoft Gun

- 1x 30 / 60 round Magpul PTS magazine

- Speed loader

- KWA Operators manual and documentation

- KWA 45 day limited warranty form

- Cleaning/unjamming rod

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