Magpul USA Ladder Rail Cover Panel Protector - Black


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Magpul USA Ladder Rail Cover Panel Protector - Black

Magpul USA Ladder Rail Cover Panel Protector

Protect your hands and gear from the sharp edges of your rail systems with the Magpul USA Ladder Rail Cover Panel. Made out of Santoprene - a flexible, durable, rubberized material, these ladder rail covers provide a more tactile surface that improves grip and weapon control. Installation is easy, simply push the rail covers into place and you are good to go. They can be cut to different lengths to better fit around pre-installed accessories and maximize usage on various rail systems.


- Made in the USA

- Easy to install and remove

- Provides a very low profile grip.

- Protects the operator from sharp rail edges.

- Protects unmounted rail areas from damage.

- Prevents damage to gear, such as rappelling ropes, that may be abraded or cut by uncovered rail sections.

- The Santoprene covers provide a rubbery surface for improved weapon control.

- Easily cut for custom fitting. Each protector covers 17 slots of rail.

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