Magpul PTS Rail Sling Attachment RSA for Airsoft Guns

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Magpul PTS Rail Sling Attachment RSA for Airsoft Guns

Magpul PTS Rail Sling Attachment (RSA)

Magpul’s RSA is a rail-mounted forward sling attachment point. While it works great for any two or three-point sling, the RSA also works great in conjunction with a convertible sling such as Magpul’s Multi-Mission Sling. This type of sling can be quickly converted from a one-point sling to a two-point sling in seconds, and the RSA can be placed anywhere on your rail system that you want, and is low profile to minimize conflict with other pieces of gear. Made from nitrocarburized steel, the RSA is corrosion and wear-resistant, and can support over 300 pounds. Pretty impressive for something weighing in at just 1.3 ounces.

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