Mil-Spec Monkey Team Honey Badger PVC Hook & Loop Tactical Patch


Color: SWAT
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Tactical morale patches add character to any airsofter's kit. They work great as ice breakers, conversation starters and as jokes. They also make tactical gear a lot more "tacti-cool". These patches feature hook backing and can be attached to any vests, hats, pouches, backpacks and other types of tactical apparel. This line of patches utilizes layers of rubber and PVC to give the patch 3-Dimensionality and increased durability.

Honey badgers are some of the toughest creatures in the animal kingdom, able to shrug off almost anything and keep going. Show off your tenacity and power with the Mil-Spec Monkey Team Honey Badger PVC Patch.


  • High quality PVC and rubber construction
  • Three-dimensional design with very clean line work
  • Increased durability and weather resistant
  • Will not wear out or fade like embroidered patches
  • Can be mounted to any surface with loop fields
  • Extremely durable hooked backing
  • Customize and personalize any tactical gear or apparel

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