Modify Baton Ryusoku Flat Hop Up Bucking for AEG Airsoft Guns

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The Modify Baton Ryusoku Hop Up Bucking is designed to create a more stabilized and consistent back-spin with heavier BBs. The Baton Ryusoku bucking gives your AEG a better air seal, providing a slight increase in FPS. The bucking also comes with a unique flat hop up nub. This gives the BB more surface area to achieve a more stabilized back-spin and significant boost in accuracy and range.


    • Compatible with standard AEG hop-up chambers and barrels
    • Provides a more consistent back-spin on BBs
    • Increases accuracy and range
    • Abrasion and tear resistant
    • Improved air seal
    • Boosts FPS
    • Best used with heavier BBs (0.25 and above)

      Package Includes:

        • Modify Baton Ryusoku Hop Up Bucking
        • Flat Hop Up Nub

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