NcSTAR Precision Grade Full Size Folding Bipod w/ 3 Adapters

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Model: Notched Legs
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Bipods allow users to readily set up their rifle on the ground, low wall or any surface and keep the weapon steady while aiming. This greatly increases the shooter's accuracy by keeping a stable platform to engage from. NcStar's Precision Grade Bipod utilizes a spring loaded action to rapidly deploy or securely fold them away. The legs can be adjusted for various heights and are notched for fast and accurate height adjustment.

The bipod comes with 3 adapters to attach it to a variety of weapon systems: a Weaver Mount, an AR-15 Hand Guard Mount and a Universal Barrel Mount. The Weaver Mount can be easily attached to any airsoft gun or firearm that utilizes standard Picatinny rails. The AR-15 Hand Guard Mount uses a screw and washer system to attach the bipod through the openings in standard AR hand guards. The Universal Barrel Mount allowing users to attach the bipod to the barrel of their system if they do not have the rail/rail space to attach the weaver mount.


  • Steel and aluminum construction
  • Height (retracted): 7.0"
  • Height (extended): 11.0"
  • Weight: 11.0 oz.
  • Spring loaded folding legs for rapid deployment and folding away securely
  • Bipod is available in two (2) different leg types:
    • Friction Lock: Allows for smaller height adjustment for more precise leveling when shooting
    • Notched: Offers multiple fixed points of adjustment to quickly set up, adjust and engage targets down range
  • Bipod legs can extended for extra height when in use and locked in place
  • Rubberized feet for extra stability and non-slip support
  • Compatible with most airsoft sniper rifles
  • Comes with 3 different adapters for different mounting options
    • AR-15 Hand Guard Adapter: Designed to mount directly to 2-piece AR15 / M4 plastic hand guards
    • Universal Barrel Mount: Ideal if rail space isn't available, can be adjusted to fit over most common styles of rifle barrels
    • Weaver / Picatinny Rail Mount: Compatible with most 20mm tactical rail systems available
  • Backed by NcSTAR's limited 1-Year warranty

Package Includes:

  • NcStar Precision Grade Folding Bipod
  • AR-15 Hand Guard Adapter with sling stud
  • Universal Barrel Mount Adapter
  • Weaver / Pictinny Rail with sling stud

**NOTE** Rifles & other accessories are not included

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