RWS 200rd .22 Cal Hobby Target Shooting Airgun Pellets

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Hobby Pellets by RWS are a great air gun sporting pellet. They're lightweight which provide high velocities. RWS Hobbies affordably priced with a rifled skirt which provides a well-balanced air gun ammunition great for practice, target shooting, and plinking.


    • Improved metal composition
    • Material: Lead alloy
    • Caliber: .22 cal / 5.5 mm
    • Weight: 11.9 gr / 0.77 g
    • Type: Wadcutter
    • Quantity: 200 pellets
    • Made in Germany
    • Lightweight lead pellet for increased velocity
    • Precision balanced for consistent flight
    • Rifled pellet for enhanced accuracy
    • Ideal for target shooting and practice
    • Great for most .22 caliber pellet airguns
    **NOTE** For .22 Cal Pellet Air Rifles ONLY.  Not compatible with Airsoft guns!

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