RWS 200rd .22 Cal Super Dome Airgun Hunting Pellets

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The RWS Supderdome has the so-called English bulldog design with a round head and a rifled skirt. The Super Dome Pellet is made in German with the quality features consistent in all RWS Air Gun Pellets. The RWS Superdome for air rifles and pistols is a great field line pellet with excellent knock down power that's great for hunting and target shooting with your airgun. The Superdome pellet was named as one of American Airgunner's Round Table Top 3 go-to pellets.


    • Improved metal composition
    • Material: Lead alloy
    • Caliber: .22 cal / 5.5 mm
    • Weight: 14.5 gr / 0.94 g
    • Type: Super Dome
    • Quantity: 22 pellets
    • Made in Germany
    • Specially designed for small game hunting and varmint control
    • Engineered shape provides accurate penetration and power on impact
    • Maximum energy for take-down power
    • Exceptional accuracy even at long range
    **NOTE** For .22 Cal Pellet Airguns ONLY.  Not compatible with Airsoft guns!

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