S&T Full Metal Real Wood PPSh-41Electric Blow Back AEG


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S&T Full Metal Real Wood PPSh-41Electric Blow Back AEG

S&T Full Metal Real Wood PPSh-41Electric Blow Back AEG

With over 6 million produced by the end of Second World War, the PPSh-41 Soviet submachine gun was a massively produced and extensively used weapon by the Soviet Red Army. It was designed to counter weapons that Russian troops faced during their war with Finland in 1941. Since its inception into the Soviet military during World War II, the PPSh-41 was used by many different armies, in many different countries – a number of them are still being used today.

The S&T Armament spent a lot of time trying to replicate the look and field of the famous Soviet submachine gun. The gun was made from steel and wood, just like its real counter-part, and features an electric blow back system that cycles the mock bolt. It features an enlarged trigger guard that allows you to manipulate the safety/fire selector and trigger while wearing even the thickest of gloves. The magazine release is ambidextrous, it can be folded up so that way you don’t accidentally bump it when firing.

The PPSh-41 uses a custom, full metal, reinforced gearbox. It is designed with durability in mind and is built like a Russian T-34. The barrel and upper assembly can easily be removed from the stock for easy access to the gearbox and the PPSh’s quick spring change system.


- Full metal and real wood construction

- 350-370 FPS with .20g BBs

- Electric blow back system for simulated realism

- Ambidextrous safety/fire selector and magazine release

- Realistic field stripping

- Custom, full metal, reinforced gearbox

- Quick change, spring swap gearbox design

Package Includes:

- S&T PPSh-41 AEG Submachine Gun

- 1x 2000 drum magazine

- Operators manual


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